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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Catch a Tiger by the Toe by Ellen Levine

Catch a Tiger by the Toe by Ellen Levine provides a look at the struggles of people in the Communist Party during the 1950s in New York City. Senator Joe McCarthy is making life for families like Jamie Morse's family, nearly impossible. Jamie is just a regular girl who loves movie stars and loves to write. However, because of mccarthyism Jamie is forced to hide her families' associations to communism. This story depicts an injustice of political invasion. It shows a strong courageous family who is standing up and fighting for what is right. And the perseverance of a girl who is self conflicted because of her family values and societal issues reflecting from them. 
Levine, Ellen. Catch a Tiger by the Toe. New York: Viking Juvenile, 2005. Print.
Teaching Suggestions for Catch a Tiger by the Toe
  • Before reading, introduce students to Mccarthyism and provide a basis of information for the students to understand why it came about. The book has a brief and useful description in the afterward and more information can be located on the website provided below.
  • During reading, students should be encouraged to take note of instances and statements of which they don't understand or wish to know more about. All inquiries can be researched as a class at the end of each reading section using the website provided. Pause every so often, between chapters, in order to collect the main ideas and details understood by the class to ensure comprehension. 
  • After reading, have students reflect on the challenges Jamie encountered because of her families’ association with Communism. Pick one main challenge Jamie had and put yourself in her position. How would you have reacted? What other ways would you go about helping the issue? How would you feel? Would you be as strong and brave?

Supplemental Websites for Catch a Tiger by the Toe
  • Encyclomedia- McCarthyism this website provides information and videos about the time period that may aid in teaching Mccarthyism.
  • McCarthyism in the USA provides more insight on the time period for further understanding of what Jamie's family was facing.

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