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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Movin': Teen Poets Take Voice Edited by Dave Johnson

Library), Poetry-In-The-Branches (Project : New York Public. Movin': Teen Poets Take Voice. New York: Orchard Books (Ny), 2000. Print.
Movin': Teen Poets Take Voice is a collection of poetry written by young teens from New York and edited by Dave Johnson.  All poems are original work that were published by the Orchard Books company. The poems collected are not in any categorized order. This is a great collection of poems to share with students. The work is creative and original and may inspire young writers to work on their own poetry. 

Teaching Suggestions for Movin': Teen Poets Take Voice
This collection of poetry will work best in a 5th or 6th grade classroom. Some poems require a higher reading level than others. 
  • Before reading, use the website below (tooter4kids) to help students understand the different forms of poetry. Explain the general components of each or some forms of poetry. Describe how figurative language provides a key role in poetry. Vocabulary terms can be referenced depending on poem being read the day of lesson. Using the poem, "Movin'" by Stuart Avineu, some terms that may be introduced are self sustaining, ion driven, gyroscopic, far fetched, conjure. These are higher level words that some students may not be able to define. 
  • During reading, encourage students to study the components of the poem and what makes it appealing to them. Have students take note of any descriptive language, formats and any other components that are interesting to them and would like to use on their own. 
  • After reading, have students write their own freestyle poems. Encourage the use of figurative language and different or appealing formats. Students can submit their poems to kidsturncentral.com and all poems can be copied/produced as a class published book. 

Supplemental Websites for Movin': Teen Poets Take Voice
  • Kid's Turn Central on this website students can view other students work and submit their own work to be viewed by other students, as well. 
  • Forms of Poetry this website provides insight on the multiple forms of poetry.

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